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Manufacturer of geophysical resistivity and IP imaging systems
2121 Geoscience Dr., Austin, TX 78726, USA
phone: +1(512)335-3338, fax: +1(512)258-9958

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AGI Software download

Here is a summary of the software products and utilities available from AGI. Some products are freeware and others are limited demo versions which can be upgraded to full functionality by purchasing a license from us.
Feel free to use these links to download and test the software!

Note on handling PDF files:
Since PDF (Acrobat) files are frequently used for software manuals etc they appear on our pages as links. In some browsers the link will be opened inside the browser itself using a PDF plug-in. This only happens after the document file has been completely downloaded by the browser into a temp directory. After you leave the document page the downloaded file will be impossible to find on your hard disk so the next time around you must download it again.
We therefore recommend that you use this procedure for PDF links instead:
1. Right click on the link.
2. In the pop-up menu select "Save Target As"
3. You will be asked to enter the directory where the file is to be saved.
4. When the download is complete open the file in Acrobat Reader.

floppy Demo file available for download
sentinel Full version uses hardware key

1D Resistivity software

AGI EarthImager 1D

Win2000 & WinXP and later

floppy Demo
Use EarthImager 1D to interpret 1D vertical electrical sounding (VES) resistivity curves created with Schlumberger, Wenner and dipole-dipole electrode arrays.

2D Resistivity software

AGI EarthImager 2D

Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000 & WinXP

floppy Demo

The EarthImager 2D is used to interpret 2D resistivity profiles created with any electrode array, recorded with electrodes in one plane, i.e. on a line on the surface, between two or more parallell bore holes, or between bore hole and surface. Any array or mixed data from Schlumberger, pole-pole, pole-dipole, dipole-dipole or Wenner electrode arrays are possible to invert. A special "Survey Planner" allows the user to enter a geological model and run a virutal survey and then invert the virtual data to see if the objective of the survey can be met.

Extra modules available:
The time lapse module, is used when information about resistivity changes in the ground is needed. Some common situations include potential leakage from landfills, industrial sites, etc. Other monitoring situations include fracture tracing by injection of a conductive solution such as a salt solution. Other possible monitoring situations include saltwater intrusion in coastal areas, remediation progress at environmental sites, groundwater recharge, infiltration studies, to see how the ground is "wetted" or how the ground dries up after a rain storm.

The Continuous resistivity profiling (CRP) module, is used to invert data with large number of electrode positions, like marine CRP surveys or certain roll-along files.

3D Resistivity software

AGI EarthImager 3D

Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000 & WinXP

floppy Demo

EarthImager 3D will automatically determine a three dimensional resistivity model for the subsurface using the data obtained from a 3D electrical imaging survey with the electrodes arranged in boreholes and/or on the surface and presents a 3D volume of inverted resistivity data with advanced volume rendering technique. The final resistivity or IP image-volume can be rotated in any orientation, zoomed in and out, and translated to anywhere inside the image window in order to see the volume of interest in detail. Colors representing areas of less interest can be made transparent so that the shape of a pollution plume, for example, can be visible. With EarthImager 3D, resistivity inversion can be as easy as two steps: Read Data and Start Inversion with only a few mouse clicks.

Presentation software

Surfer for Windows

Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000 & WinXP

floppy Demo
12.1 Mb

Contouring software. Excellent for presentation of resistivity cross-sections. With this software you have full control of axis scales, colors, text etc.
When using the software you might want to refer to the instructions for Surfer here.


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