Webinar | Summary of the AGI EarthImager Inversion Modelling Software Features

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Short webinar covering basic usage of the AGI EarthImager Inversion Modelling software.

A table of contents embeded in the video lets you skip to topics of interest, just select the topic on the chapters section of the video (right-hand side).



Video Topics

SuperSting WiFi

How the instrument works and collects data

EarthImager 1D

Read 1D data set

Wenner 4-pin Test (ASTM G57)

Layered resistiivty model interaction

Interactive inversion interface

EarthImager 2D (How To Topics)

Read 2D data file (with and without topography)

Data filtering

QA/QC plots for:

injected current

measured voltage

repreat error %

contact resistance

data misfilt cross-plot and historgram

RMS % and L2-norm for QA/QC

Smooth model inversion and forward modeling

Merged electrode array (dipole-dipole + dipole-gradient)

Noisy data removal

Marine data set (beach)

Data filters

Terrain file structure for topographic correction

Time lapse resistivity

Passive cable with:

stainless steel electrode takeouts for land surveys

graphite electrode takeouts for marine and breholes surveys

2D Borehole tomography data sets

Boat-towed marine data (Continous Resistivity Profiling, CRP)

Extract 2D-subdata sets

IP data processing basics

EarthImager 3D (How To Topics)

3D command creator

3D data processing for flat surface data sets 

3D data processing for surface data sets with surface topography

3D visualiztion features



tl;dr This webinar covers some features to process resistivity (RES) and induced polarization (IP) 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D RES/IP data sets with and without topography. Emphasis is made on QA/QC for collected and processed data sets from various settings throughout the webinar. Our EarthImager software 1D, 2D, and 3D packages are used to process the RES and IP data sets.