SuperSting™ Marine Resistivity


Marine Resistivity Surveys are now easier, quicker, and more efficient with our 3rd Generation SuperSting™ Marine System.

When towing a streamer you often only have one shot to collect the data correctly. Missing the mark means having to loop around to recollect data—wasting precious survey time. And with no landmarks on the open water, it can be easy to lose track of where you surveyed—even with a GPS.

December 2018 AMA Webinar Hosted by Eduardo Rodrigues

AGI AMA Webinar hosted by Eduardo Rodrigues


This Spanish-speaking "Ask Me Anything" webinar was hosted by Eduardo Rodrigues on 12.19.2018. Eduardo is a highly-experienced Geophysicist at our Madrid office.


There were several topics covered—all of which were generated by questions from the audience. You can link to each question using the chapters function in the video below. Want to take part in our next webinar? Sign up for webinar alerts from us so that you get an email the next time we host one for your country/time zone. 

Customer Spotlight: Conrey Hydrogeology Program | A Rare Look At A Stationary Submerged Marine Survey

AGI Customer Spotlight: Conrey Hydrogeology Program | A Rare Look At A Stationary Submerged Marine Survey


One of the coolest applications of resistivity is in the marine environment. Don’t get us wrong, we love solid earth too (it’s our bread and butter after all)—but when you see footage like the video below, you can’t help but be blown away.


Our Favorite Sinkhole - The Corvette Cave

Our Favorite Sinkhole - The Corvette Cave


Warning—this article contains unsettling images if you’re a Corvette lover.


It may be odd that we here at AGI have a favorite sinkhole. But when you’ve been in the business as long as we have, it would be weird if we didn’t have a favorite sinkhole. As the title of this article suggests, we’re taking a quick look back at a sinkhole known as the “Corvette Cave”.


January 2019 AMA Webinar Hosted by Jason Greenwood

AGI January AMA Webinar hosted by Jason Greenwood


This "Ask Me Anything" webinar was hosted by Jason Greenwood on 1.31.2019. Jason is the Senior Geophysicist and Manager of our Austin office. 


What To Do Once You Find An Air-Filled Void

AGI Blog - How to Fix an Underground Void


We seem to have formed a bit of a sinkhole blog trilogy. First, we informed you on the 7 Common Signs of Sinkholes. After that, we showed you how you can Test for Sinkholes. Now, in this article, we want to share what to do once you find an air-filled void on your property.


AGI Suggested Reading | Part 8

AGI Suggested Reading Part 8

We’re finally at the end of this eight-part series. We would like to say “we’ve saved the best suggestions for last”, but all of our suggestions are pretty fantastic reads if you want to learn more about resistivity, induced polarization, and more. Maybe its because we're posting this around the holiday season, or maybe its because we're sad to see the series end, but we've included 4 entries this time around instead of 3. 


2018 Seminars Are Done!

Goodbye 2018 Seminars. See you in 2019!

If you’ve taken a peek at our 2018 Seminar Calendar, you’ll notice that we’re finishing up our last seminar of the year. This year, we’ve hosted several seminars between the AGI and AGE offices—which has allowed us to speak to so many of our customers face to face. While it’s a lot of work to put our seminars together—we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. We always get tons of great questions, feedback, and ideas to take into next year.