60 Minutes (CBS): Turning mushroom hunting into gold in the Yukon

60 Minutes (CBS): Turning mushroom hunting into gold in the Yukon


The Yukon Gold Rush (Shawn Ryan and Cathy Wood)

Excerpt from Transcript:

"The images from the drone and the electric data help create a three-dimensional underground virtual map, which helps pinpoint where to go digging.

Bob Simon: What are the odds that there's going to be gold there?

Shawn Ryan: Extremely high. Like pretty well, I could almost guarantee gold.

[Shawn Ryan: Well they got you with lots of samples...]

Shawn Ryan has become the biggest gold prospector in the Yukon and believes he's found seven million ounces of gold. But he doesn't actually mine the gold himself. He options his claims to larger companies and keeps a royalty. Ryan says he expects digging to begin in a few years.

Bob Simon: Seven million ounces at today's gold prices, what would that be worth?

Shawn Ryan: It's probably close to $10 billion."