Save Time and Money
Digging holes that lead to nothing is a waste of valuable time and money. With our resistivity meter instruments, you can see where the right places are so you can dig there first.
Reduce Risk
Imagine spending a sizable investment on property only to find out that you can’t—or shouldn’t—build there because of issues below the surface. By seeing what’s underground before you start digging, you can avoid potential risk.
Versatile Applications
With AGI’s electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) instruments, you can measure subsurface properties and locate valuable resources—including groundwater, valuable minerals, archeological sites and so much more.
  • Limited-Time Instrument Trade-In Offer

    If you own an Advanced Geosciences, Inc. Sting R1, MiniSting™ R1, 2012 and older SuperSting™, or a competitor's instrument—you can trade these in now for credit towards the purchase of any new AGI SuperSting™ WiFi instrument.


  • SuperSting Wifi™, The Premier Electrical Imaging System

    The SuperSting™ Wi-Fi is a next-generation electrical resistivity meter and induced polarization (IP), and self-potential (SP) system, used to scan and image the subsurface of the earth and visualize the results in 2D slices or 3D volumes.

  • Geophysical Instruments for Land and Water

    For years, the SuperSting has given our customers unparalleled subsurface detail. Now, with the Marine Resistivity System add-on module, you can collect streaming marine data with a towed cable.

    This fully automated add-on module allows for hydrographic surveys with continuously recording ERI data which contain positional data from a GPS receiver—along with the depth profile measured with 200Khz echo sounder.

  • The Switch Box Grid

    The Switch Box Grid is available for the SuperSting WiFi. The Switch Box Grid makes it possible to connect separate wires from each electrode using a regular banana plug. Each banana socket is sealed to the inside of the grid box making it usable in harsh environments.

    The Switch Box Grid has been designed with special emphasis on ease of cleaning the surface of the grid box. The lid is also made of a non-conductive thermoplastic material preventing leakage between connectors.

  • The MiniSting R1 Electrical Resistivity Meter

    This single-channel tool is engineered to be the best instrument for manual resistivity jobs—ease of use, low cost, and high accuracy make it ideal for low-manpower explorations and educational and training demonstrations.

    The MiniSting R1 is a high-powered, induced polarization (IP) and electrical resistivity instrument used for testing grounding grids, soil resistivity testing for corrosion protection design, and more. 

Free Customer Support

We’re with our customers every step of the way—before they buy, in-use, and after they’ve collected data. Our customer support staff are all in-house product experts and geophysicists that can get you the answers you need, fast. You can reach our teams via phone, video chat, email, and the live text chat on our website.


We arm our customers with the knowledge they need to complete their surveys effectively and within budget. Take a look through some valuable resources below.

Trade in any older AGI or non-AGI system towards a new SuperSting Wifi

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When you can see what you're working with below the surface, you can make better decisions that save you time and money.