About Us

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Who We Are

Advanced Geosciences Inc. (AGI) is the leading developer and manufacturers of resistivity/IP/SP imaging systems since 1989. We introduced our Sting/Swift resistivity imaging system at the European Association of Exploration Geophysicists (EAGE) conference in 1994, which introduced the resistivity imaging revolution. Since then, we’ve been producing state-of-the-art products for electrical resistivity and IP imaging.


Our Expertise

Our products have been used in both applied projects and theoretical research studies, with over 1,000 peer-reviewed journal articles published that utilize AGI’s systems and software. We’re the only resistivity/IP/SP imaging company that has developed our own hardware and software modeling systems, all of which are engineered and manufactured in Austin, Texas, USA. With offices in the U.S. and Europe, we provide our customers with free industry-leading technical support around the clock. We also offer rapid repair turnaround times and quick development of customized equipment and software.


Our Customers

Our resistivity/IP/SP instruments and inversion modeling software are delivered to all continents with customers in the USA, Canada, Central & South America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. AGI customers include government labs, universities, research institutions, mineral exploration companies, water drilling companies, and environmental and geotechnical engineering firms. 

Our customers use AGI Products for:

  • Finding optimal locations for groundwater wells

  • Finding caves, voids and sinkholes

  • Finding the depth to bedrock

  • Monitoring engineered and natural slopes with a high potential for landslides

  • Finding and monitoring pollution plumes:

    • DNAPL and LNAPL spills

    • Brine spills

    • Radioactive waste

  • Marine 2D and 3D surveys (boat-towed and stationary)

  • Lithology

  • Finding economically-important mineral deposits

  • Exploring archeological sites

  • Time lapse monitoring of in-situ remediation processes such as ammonia injection, desiccation, vitrification, steam injection, pumping, and air-sparging

  • Time lapse Monitoring of subsurface processes such as pump tests, CO2 injection, groundwater recharge, infiltration tests, saltwater intrusion, tunneling, dam leakage, and mining operations