AGI EarthImager 3D software demo request

This request form has moved!

This is a one-time offer to download the demo version of EarthImager 3D for evaluation. The demo version has all the features of the full version except for the following:

  • The number of inversion iterations has been limited to 3
  • All result saving features have been disabled
  • The demo is time limited to 30 days


Use this form to send your request for the demo version of the AGI EarthImager 3D software.
We will acknowledge your request by sending a download instruction email if you qualify.

Please enter the following information, note that those items marked with a * are required fields.

You should enter a real company email address below, public email like hotmail, yahoo etc will make the contact process slower! 

We will send an email to the address entered below containing instructions on how to download the demo software including a 3-day username/password combination as soon as possible after receiving your request.

It is important that you DON'T use any characters except US-ASCII in the email and name fields below. Our automatic system for sending out passwords cannot handle Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Chinese, Japanese or Balcan countries character sets. If these are used then the passwords unfortunately cannot be sent out.
ONLY ASCII please!