AGI Proudly Announces the New 3rd Generation SuperSting™ Marine System

We're beyond excited to announce our innovative new system that will change the way that you do marine surveys! With our 3rd Generation SuperSting™ Marine System, you can now perform marine surveys easier and at least 30% faster. 


These new features are custom-built to handle the specific situations that happen on the water:

  • The AGI Survey Planner

  • Route Optimization

  • Precise Guided Navigation

  • Customizable Real-Time Data Plots

  • Geodesic Track Corrections

  • Playback Mode

  • GPS Quality Assurance

  • All of the capabilities of the SuperSting™ Wifi, including EarthImager™ integration


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Here are just some of the applications:

  • Determining rock and sediment volumes for dredge planning

  • Identifying weak zones in earthen dams and levees

  • Measuring fresh and saline groundwater interfaces 

  • Subsurface pollution plume location & monitoring

  • Map sand and gravel for reclamation projects

  • Locating optimal anchor locations for marine platforms

  • Gas hydrate exploration

  • Marine time lapse studies

  • Locating geohazards for marine structures


Your Marine Survey Problems...Solved.

Missing your mark while towing a streamer means having to loop around to recollect data—wasting precious survey time. And with no landmarks on the open water, it can be easy to lose track of where you've been—even if you're using a GPS.

Our Marine System solves these problems and more! You can now plan your survey beforehand with the AGI Survey Planner, receive real-time guided navigation queues, inspect the data with real-time data plots while on the water—and even playback your survey before returning to dry land! That's just the beginning of the Marine System’s capabilities. 



As a special thank you to our current marine system customers, all SuperSting™ Wifi R8 Marine systems that are 2013 or newer qualify for a FREE upgrade to the latest Marine System! Contact us today to learn more!


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