The Benefits of a Weak Dollar

the benefits of a weak dollar blog post


Let’s face it, no one wants to hear that their currency is weak—especially Americans who may not want to hear that, as of right now, the US dollar is weak and the Euro is on top. But what if we told you that having a weak dollar was a good thing—not just for Europeans, but for American businesses as well?  Ok, just hear us out.


Why this is good for American businesses:

Look, the US dollar isn’t always going to be on top, nor should it be. If you look at the chart below, both the Euro and the Dollar have shared high’s and low’s. As long as we’re a part of the world economy, that’s going to be the natural order. However, when the dollar is weak, American businesses have the distinct advantage of being able to offer export products at cheaper rates than their counterparts across the Atlantic. Pairing affordable rates with other incentives like discounted shipping makes American businesses much more attractive.


[source: 3.7.2018]


Why this is good for foreign (and domestic) buyers:

What buyer doesn’t love a good discount? A deal is a deal no matter what hemisphere you reside in—so let’s talk numbers for a second. Currently, holders of the Euro can purchase American-made products at nearly 15% less than what they would pay in their home market. On the flip side, Americans would have to pay 18% more on European products—and that’s not even including shipping costs. Any way you slice it, buying American is the smarter way to go when the dollar is down.


Strike while the iron is hot:

As we mentioned above, all currencies have ebbs and flows—and the dollar is no different. And while we’re always going to advocate that you buy American (we are an American company after all), our advice is that right now in particular is the time to buy made-in-USA products to capitalize on the USD/EUR conversion rates.

To prove our point, we’re currently offering shipping from two locations with no added cost.  That is, we can ship from the USA factory in Austin, Texas or the Advanced Geosciences Europe location in Madrid, Spain.  European locations can use just the Madrid location as the starting point to cut shipping costs!



A weak dollar offers Euro-holding customers deep discounts and American customers incentives to buy American.