Generator Power Supplies for the SuperSting: Important Details

Generator Power Supplies for the SuperSting: Important Details

  • SuperSting Generator Power supplies require a steady 900W AC 110 or 220V 50 or 60hz generator.  The Honda 1000iu is a popular choice  
  • Two power supplies allow Boost Mode with 200W maximum output  
  • One supply will power the instrument in Main mode with 100W maximum output
  • Contact Resistance values of <1800 ohm  allow the Boost Mode with 200W maximum output
  • Lower contact resistance as much as possible to improve signal to noise ratio (use 500ml of 2% salt water at the stake/earth interface, etc). 


  • NEVER connect SuperSting battery cables to 12V output on any generator  These outputs can cause noise and damage the instruments.
  • NEVER connect 3rd party AC power invertors as these are not designed for the SuperSting and can cause noise or damage the instruments
  • NOISE  Small generators normaly use a floating/isolated ground.  Installing optional grounding will most likely cause ground loop noise
  • NOISE  Avoid plugging other devices into the generator, especially with marine projects, as these devices may contaminate the power source

Power Settings

AGI Generator Power Supplies can be set to 110 or 220V for world wide use.  Please Contact AGI for instructions on this procedure.  The default setting for shipments within the USA is 110V/60Hz.