How to: connect to the SuperSting with PC Comm Serial Port

Step by step guide to connect the SuperSting by PC Comm Serial Port

Connecting to the SuperSting (All USB serial adapters)

SSR8 faceplate

Required Items:

  • SuperSting PC Com Cable
  • USB serial adapter or a computer with a built in serial port
  • Power source such as 12V deep cycle marine battery, SuperSting Office Power Supply or SuperSting AC Generator Power Supply
  • Windows computer with the latest version of SSAdmin available at the SuperSting User Area (for registered users).  Firmware versions ending in .68 or newer must have SSAdmin or newer.

Comunication Mode:  Set SuperSting Wi-Fi models to the PC COM position (Red #5 Above).  All other SuperSting models are always in PC COM mode.

To communicate with the SuperSting on a new laptop, you will most likely need a USB to Serial Adapter.  We suggest the Tripplite Keyspan USA-19HS model or the Brainboxes US-101 model.  For the BrainBox US-101, click HERE to choose the column US and then the type of Windows OS you have.  

Drivers:  Drivers are available from the manufacturer or packaged with the device.   Make sure you install the driver BEFORE plugging in the USB device so that the driver installs smoothly.  The Keyspan adapter has a program to check functions and assign com port numbers call Keyspan Serial Assistant in the windows program menu.  The Brainboxes adapter also has these same functions in a tab under the Ports > Com in Windows Device Manager. 


device manager

  Check Com Port of Device:  Type “Device Manager” in Windows Search as shown above.

com port

Open the Windows Device Manager

The AGI SuperSting Administrator(SSAdmin) can utilize COM 1-15.  If your computer defaults to a port >15, adjust this manually in the Device Manager and then reboot the machine.  Click on Ports (COM & LPT).  Find your serial adapter and note the port.  The port may change each time you reconnect the USB plug.  The Advanced Settings Tab in Device Manager (BrainBox) or the Keyspan Serial Assistant Program can edit the com port.  You should reboot the computer if the com port is changed.

Connect the SuperSting communication cable to the serial adapter and the SuperSting (Red #12 on the faceplate picture above). 

Power the SuperSting on with either a battery, AC generator supply or the office power supply.  When using the office power supply, the SuperSting will flash "Transmitter Offline" since this power source is only used for data transfer and setup. 

Check the Baud Rate for the SuperSting in the Menu items:

 (6) System Setting

(4) General Settings

Set Baud Rate to 38,400 and then Press Men until to get back to the main menu so you can connect.

It is a good idea to reset the SuperSting to Factory Defaults to make sure all settings are compatible.  From the main menu, use key sequence 6>4>4.  No files are erased.  Make sure to add the correct SwitchBox in Menu 6 for future field work as this item is removed.  

Press the key MEN in the lower left of the keypad to menu back.  This makes sure the SuperSting is in the required Main Menu.   You will see Automatic Mode, Manual Mode, Test Mode, etc.


Download the latest version of the SSAdmin from the SuperSting User Area.  Firmware versions ending in .68 and above need version or newer as shown above.

Start AGI Administrator and goto the Window Menu and then select  SuperSting Control Center as shown above



Within the SuperSting Control Center, select  the Port Button and choose the correct Port.  This port will be set automatically in the latest version of SSAdmin if the serial device is recognized and the port assigned is <15.

Select the Baud Button and set the correct baud rate already set on the SuperSting (must be set in both places).

Older versions have the com port under the Config menu.

Double Check the SuperSting is in the main menu, then Click on the “Connect” button. The SuperSting should beep and a green light, between the connect and disconnect buttons, will now indicate that the connection is established.

The available command files and data files in the SuperSting will also be listed in the respective windows on the computer screen.

In the “Data files” window select the data file to download by right clicking on the file name. Click on “Read File” and select where to save the file.

When the transfer is finished a sign with the text “Selected measure file read from

instrument. File set saved as: ......”. Click OK.

Click on the Disconnect button to disconnect the SuperSting from the Administrator.


Trouble Shooting Common Connection Issues:

  • SuperSting is not in the Main Menu
  • SuperSting is not set to Factory Defaults (see here)
  • The computers serial port has locked from attempting to connect with an improper setting.  Reboot the computer to unlock the serial port.
  • The serial adapters driver is not installed or the wrong driver was automatically assigned by Windows such as an HID Driver
  • Baud rate is not set to the same value in both systems
  • Baud rate of 38400 is too fast for some laptops (set both SSadmin and SuperSting to 9600 baud)
  • Old version of SSadmin is used with new firmware .68E or newer
  • New SuperSting Wi-Fi has the faceplate switch set to Wi-Fi
  • Keyspan adapter USB plug is partially pulled out
  • PC com cable is not fully attached (bezel lock ring is not turned)
  • SuperSting connects, but does not upload (inspect PC Com cable for broken wire in connector)
  • SuperSting connects, but does not download (inspect PC com for broken wire in connector)
  • Driver conflict with serial port.  Rarely, a computer has a system driver that conflicts with the serial port, but the serial port appears to be OK in Device Manager.  Switching to a different computer solved the issue.