Steps To Perform a 2D ERI (Electrical Resistivity Imaging) Survey

  1. Stretch out a long tape measure (100 meter) in a straight line
  2. Install the stainless steel electrode stakes at even intervals
  3. Lay out the electrode cable and connect each takeout to each electrode stake
  4. Connect the SuperSting instrument and SwithBox to the electrode cable
  5. Perform the Contact Resistance Test as a last check that the system is connected correctly
  6. Gather the data (typically ~7 minutes for 28 electrodes or ~22 min for 56 electrodes)
  7. Optional:  remote control over Wi-Fi and view data quality in realtime with AGI SuperSting Manager App
  8. Optional: transfer data by email, blue tooth, USB or cloud storage to computer running Windows
  9. Direct transfer data by USB-serial to computer running Windows
  10. Process data using the AGI EarthImager 2D software
    1. Read in data
    2. Set the defaults for a surface survey
    3. Press the Start Button (takes less than a second usually)
  11. View and save the finished figures

Parts of a ERI (Electrical Resistivity Imaging) System