AGI Public Files

On this page you will find files of different kinds. We will publish software updates here on a regular basis. Additionally from time to time we will make available the full reports of case stories and other interesting documents. Some of these will be available to the general public but others will be released to our User Group only (see below).

Many support files will only be available to our customers on the special User Group pages at:
Sting/Swift User Group
SuperSting User Group
EarthImager 2D and 3D User Group

If you have one of our instruments and want the latest version of one of our support programs please register yourself to receive a password into the customer file area:
Go to User Group registration or send e-mail to

Note on handling PDF files:
Since PDF (Acrobat) files are frequently used for software manuals etc they appear on our pages as links. In some browsers the link will be opened inside the browser itself using a PDF plug-in. This only happens after the document file has been completely downloaded by the browser into a temp directory. After you leave the document page the downloaded file will be impossible to find on your hard disk so the next time around you must download it again.
We therefore recommend that you use this procedure for PDF links instead:
1. Right click on the link.
2. In the pop-up menu select "Save Target As"
3. You will be asked to enter the directory where the file is to be saved.
4. When the download is complete open the file in Acrobat Reader.