Manual Cables

Manual cables and reels used for vertical electrical sounding (VES) and profiling

Product Documents

Manual cable sets are AWG 18 stranded copper wire with thermoplastic insulation and a nylon sheath, terminated with banana plug and banana plug socket located in the hub of the reel. Heat rating 105˚C. Four 1.8 meter jumper cables with banana plug and Mueller clip, to connect the reel to the electrode stake

Short manual cable set, part number 911905, comprising two plastic hand reels with 150 meter each and two plastic hand reels with 50 meter each. 

Medium manual cable set, part number 911904, comprising two plastic hand reels with 100 meter each and two metal reels with 400 meter each. 

Long manual cable set, part number 911906, comprising two metal reels with 250 meter each and two metal reels with 750 meter each. 

Medium Cable Set
Short Cable Set

Product Documents

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