Marine Resistivity Imaging System Package

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This system package includes:

  • SuperSting™ R8 Wi-Fi with Tablet Controller and Marine Modules - Qty 1

  • Cable with 16 Graphite electrodes (Standard 3m or 6m electrode spacing. Custom spacing also available at no additional cost) - Qty 1

  • GPS/depth - Qty 1

  • SuperSting™ Manager (SSM) Android App - Qty 1

    • Survey Planner Module

    • Precise Guided Navigation Module

    • Marine Log Manager (MLM) Module

  • Key to use EarthImager™ 2D Software - Qty 1

    • Continuous Resistivity Profiler (CRP) Module


Product Features:

Precise Guided Navigation:

The SuperSting™ Marine System’s App has guided navigation that’s custom-built to deal with the positioning variables that come from being on a boat.

Route Optimization:

The AGI Route Optimizer Module uses a heuristic algorithm to reduce the n-factorial route optimization problem to a manageable solution. This allows you to minimize your travel distance to save time, save money, collect more data, and easily deal with unexpected route changes.

Customizable Real-Time Data Plots:

Our Marine System allows you to see data plots in real-time, so you can see if any areas need to be revisited. Data is visualized clearly on the included tablet using a dual-screen map.

Geodesic Track Corrections:

For professional Geophysical data collection, the standard UTM conformal projection can give you errors up to several meters as you travel from one UTM grid zone to another. Our map projections apply geodesic corrections to remove this inaccuracy!

GPS Reader:

Our SuperSting™ Marine System is GPS agnostic for maximum flexibility. Regardless of your GPS device, our reader will make sure that depth, temperature, and GPS positioning are all set up correctly.

Playback Mode:

The Playback Mode allows you to replay and review every aspect of your completed survey. Check your data before returning to land or use it to show clients and colleagues.

GPS Quality Assurance Statistics:

Our GPS Quality Assurance Statistics tool will visually show you how well your GPS performed. Using a sophisticated prediction algorithm, the system creates a Polar Plot and Histogram Plot for you to review.

Full SuperSting™ Remote Control & Visualization:

All of the freedom of movement that you enjoy with the SuperSting™ is carried over into the SuperSting™ Marine Module. Using the included tablet and Android App, you can control and monitor the SuperSting™ from up to 100 meters away.


Use Cases:

We’ve designed this system package specifically for marine resistivity. Below are just a few use cases that this package would be ideal for:

  • Determining sub-bottom geology for dredging purposes

  • Locating or monitoring leakage in a dam/levee

  • Mapping fresh and saltwater interfaces near shorelines or offshore

  • Characterizing estuaries

  • Measuring water column salinity variations

  • Mineral exploration

  • Locating freshwater springs at sea (submarine groundwater discharge)

  • Distinguishing between hard rock, sand, gravel, silt, and clay

  • Locating gas pockets in the mudline

  • Gas hydrate exploration


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SuperSting Wi-Fi Marine Module
AGI EarthImager™ 3D Software
AGI EarthImager 2D
AGI Graphite Cable

Product Documents

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