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AGI’s PowerSting™ Transmitter Nodes make it possible to automatically inject a high-power direct current (DC) into the ground along a survey line for high-powered induced polarization (IP) and resistivity tomography. With the 56-node system, you can reach depths of 1,000 meters.

The PowerSting™ Transmitter Nodes are fast and affordable to deploy and ready to go straight out of the box. The nodes are self-addressing and reversible to reduce system complexity. Additionally, the cable sections are reversible, so nodes can be connected to any of the cable sections as an added fail safe. And with top-of-the-line safety features, including several unique audio and visual warnings, you’ll be able to conduct your tomographic RES/IP survey with safety in mind.


Use Cases:

The PowerSting™ Transmitter Nodes are used with the PowerSting™ transmitter for resistivity and induced polarization in large mineral exploration surveys—such as looking for ore deposits. This type of mineral exploration is often done in dry and remote areas, so imaging as many line kilometers at a time as possible is a necessity. Previously, it has only been possible to take measurements in such places—not image the area. With the PowerSting™ system, geophysicists can do full 2D and 3D tomography to not only see if ore is available in the area, but where the boundaries are.


Product Features

Productivity Features

  • Self-addressing nodes: Lay them out in any order. They will figure out where they are.

  • Reversible genderless nodes: Both the nodes and the interconnecting cables are reversible, so there’s no need to worry if they are connected correctly.

  • E-Ink LCD: The bi-static display is sunlight readable and does not require power to view the digits.

  • Hot-swappable: All components can be swapped at any time during the survey without losing a data point.

  • Simplistic: You only need nodes and cables, all of which are identical. Should one fail, simply replace it with another.

Safety Features

  • eStop: There is a large red emergency “STOP” switch on every node that halts current injection immediately when pushed (designed with a universally understood “stop” look).

  • Audio warning: Buzzing noise sounds prior to current injection and during current injection.

  • Visual warning:

    • Four ultra bright LEDs are located on all four sides of the node and will flash prior to current injection and during the current injection.

    • Each LED features a fresnel optically clear light pipe with a 160-degree view angle, which means you can't miss the flashing no matter where you’re standing.

  • 15kV isolation on the sleeved banana plug and socket.

  • Black/yellow safety label colors project attention from onlookers.

  • ANSI “Danger High Voltage Warning” label in three languages: English, Spanish, and Chinese.


Expected Depth Of Penetration

  • 2.7km spread: ~500-meter depth of penetration, 28 PowerSting™ Nodes, 100-meter electrode spacing.

  • 4.1km spread: ~750-meter depth of penetration, 42 PowerSting™ Nodes, 100-meter electrode spacing.

  • 5.5km spread: ~1,000-meter depth of penetration, 56 PowerSting™ Nodes, 100-meter electrode spacing.


Technical Specifications

  • Capable of 10,000 Watt continuous operation at 2,000 volts and 5 amps

  • 2,000V

  • 5 Amp

  • 10kW


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PowerSting Nodes
PowerSting Nodes
Nodos Electrodos Transmisores de PowerSting de Alta Potencia Automática
AGI PowerNode

Product Documents

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