SuperSting™ R8 Adapter Box

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The SuperSting™ R8 Adapter Box is a standard test box for the SuperSting™ R8. It also makes 4-probe manual measurements possible.

Use Cases:

  • Rapid SP measurements with the SuperSting™ R8 Wi-Fi

  • SP on 8 channels and multi-electrode AGI SwitchBox or Dual-Mode cables

  • Receiver Test to test SuperSting™ R8 functions and calibration

  • IP Test load to test SuperSting™ R8 induced polarization measurements

  • Connect remote or infinity electrode wire when needed for deeper exploration depth

  • Connect single conductor wire to the ABMN ports for VES/1D/manual resistance tests (wenner 4 pin, schlumberger and Fall Off Potential Tests, etc)


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Product Documents

PDF icon Product FAQ (136.08 KB)

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