22 kW Sting Gen Set (SGS)

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The PowerSting™ Generator is the highest-powered air-cooled generator on the market and has been engineered and designed to be an accessory to our PowerSting™. The PowerSting™ Generator is only 450 pounds, eliminating the need for a 1,500-pound, water-cooled diesel generator.


Use Cases:

The light weight makes it ideal for mineral exploration, where equipment needs to be transported by aircraft, carried by off-road vehicles, or moved by hand through tough terrain. We’ve also considered its worldwide usage, so we created it with a Honda motor—renowned for it’s robust and reliable operation. Honda spare parts are available anywhere in the world for your convenience.


Product Features:

  • 208-Volt

  • 22.5-Kilowatt

  • 3-Phase Industrial Power Output

  • 450 Lbs.

  • Air-Cooled Engine

  • Gasoline-Powered

  • No Coolant System, Fan, Or Radiator Needed

  • Honda V-Twin Gasoline Engine


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Product Documents

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