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EarthImager™ 1D is an inversion modeling software program used to interpret one-dimensional electrical resistivity data and reveal a layered model of subsurface geology. EarthImager™ 1D can process vertical electrical sounding (VES) data collected with Schlumberger, Wenner, dipole-dipole, pole-pole, and various other arrays.

Traditionally measured and modeled geologic data is presented in basic graphed charts that are neither simple nor intuitive. With EarthImager™ 1D software, you can easily and quickly calculate true resistivity.


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Watch how easy it is to invert data in EarthImager™ 1D:


Use Cases:

The EarthImager™ 1D is for use in geotechnical and geologic industries, including the following applications:

  • Groundwater Exploration

  • Fracture Location

  • Grounding Studies

  • Cathodic Protection System Design

It is also used in soil tests according to the ASTM G57 standard (the Wenner 4-pin method). Some geotechnical engineers may need to test for cathodic protection, swelling clays, or various types of soil. When the test is performed, four electrode stakes are placed at equal spacing “a”, in line around a midpoint (the survey reference point). The measurements are then taken by injecting a current into the ground through the two outer electrodes and at the same time measuring the responding voltage on the two inner electrodes. This is done for a series of pre-determined a-spacings. The larger the electrode spread, the more depth the instrument is able to sense.The recorded raw data is called apparent resistivity.

The apparent resistivity can be seen as a weighted average of the true resistivity in the different geological layers under the four electrodes. Once the survey is complete, the EarthImager™ 1D processes the data—typically 10-20 measurements in each location—to get the true resistivity from all the measured apparent resistivity values.



  • Inversion of 1D sounding data.

  • Support of Schlumberger, Wenner, Dipole-Dipole, and other sounding arrays.

  • Reads data from the MiniSting™ and SuperSting™ instruments as well as many other instrument brands.

  • Automatic iterative processing.

  • Forward modeling.

  • Multilingual support.

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Product Documents

PDF icon Product FAQ (134.34 KB)

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