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AGI EarthImager™ 3DCL is a three-dimensional resistivity and induced polarization (IP) inversion modeling software. It comes with the 32-bit basic version of EarthImager™ 3D along with the 64-bit 3DCL. 3DCL can access more than 2GB of memory space and carry out scalable parallel processing on a multi-core and/or multiprocessor PC.

AGI Earthimager™ 3DCL is only available for PC’s running Windows.


Use Cases:

EarthImager™ 3DCL is for use in geotechnical and geologic industries, including the following applications:

  • Outlining the shape of caves and voids.

  • Calculating the volume of caves and voids.

  • Visualizing the bedrock surface.

  • Pinpointing precise well location for groundwater exploration.

  • Outlining the shape of an ore body during mineral exploration.

  • Calculating the volume of an ore body during mineral exploration.

  • Mapping the extent of environmental spills.

  • Monitoring the progress of an environmental clean-up procedure.

  • Calculating volumes and extent of sand, gravel, or clay during aggregate mapping.



  • User-friendly Windows GUI.

  • Seamless operation with AGI resistivity instruments.

  • Inversion Of 3D Surface Resistivity Data.

  • Inversion Of 3D Borehole Resistivity Data.

  • Inversion Of 3D IP Data.

  • 3D Volumetric Rendering With Transparency Control.

  • Volume and multiple-slice images.

  • Interactive slice image.

  • No software limit on number of data points or number of electrodes.

  • No limit on array type or electrode location.

  • 64-bit parallel processing capability with EarthImager3DCL module.

  • Data misfit cross-plot.


Methods & algorithms:

  • Finite difference forward modeling.

  • Options of boundary condition for forward modeling.

  • Smooth model inversion.

  • Noisy data suppression.



  • Trackable and retrievable user settings.

  • Tool buttons and popup menus for easy access to frequently used menu items.

  • Fast hardware-accelerated 3D graphics.

  • Windows true 24-bit color.

  • Inversion progress bar to show the inversion status.

  • Well-organized and hassle-free processing directory structure.

  • Saveable in bitmap, JPEG, PostScript, PNG, and TIFF file formats.

  • Saveable in XYZ format so it can be loaded into any off-shelf graphics software.

  • Convergence curve display.

  • User-specified minimum and maximum variable values of the image.

  • User-specified colors and contour levels.


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Product Documents

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