High-speed 2D/3D Resistivity/IP/SP Imaging System Package - 84 Electrodes

Product Documents

This system package includes:

  • SuperSting™ R8 Wi-Fi with Tablet Controller - Qty 1

  • Cable of 14 electrodes (3.25m electrode spacing) - Qty 6 (making a total of 84 electrodes)

  • SwitchBox Grid - Qty 1

  • Key to use EarthImager™ Software (Your choice of 2D or 3D) - Qty 1

  • Free admission for one person: 3-day training seminar (airfare & lodging not included) - Qty 1


Use Cases:

We’ve designed this 84-electrode system package to handle various jobs. Below are just a few use cases that this package would be ideal for:

  • Mineral Exploration

    • Metallic mineral investigations

    • Non-Metallic mineral and aggregate mining investigations

  • Geotechnical and Civil Engineering Investigations

    • Locating tunnels, caves, sinkholes, and fault- fractures

    • Dam and levee investigations

  • Groundwater Exploration

    • Irrigation

    • Drinking water

    • Saline/freshwater interface mapping along coastlines and petroleum drilled areas

  • Environmental and Monitoring Investigations

    • NAPL (DNAPL and LNAPL) pollution research for remediation of hydrocarbons

    • CO2 Sequestration Time-Lapse Monitoring

    • ASTM D7007: Geomembrane Leak Detection

  • Bedrock and Landfill Mapping

  • Grounding Surveys for Power Plants and Cell Phone Towers

  • Archeological Investigation

  • Borehole Logging

    • Short-Long-Leterolog-SP

    • Cross-borehole tomography

  • IEEE Standard 81: Fall of Potential (FOP) Method

  • ASTM G57: Wenner Soil Resistivity Test

  • Underwater and Marine Studies

    • Determining sub-bottom geology for dredging purposes

    • Monitoring leakage in a dam

    • Mapping fresh and saltwater interfaces near shorelines or offshore

    • Characterizing the sub-bottom of estuaries

    • Measuring water column salinity variations

    • Mineral exploration (usually placer deposits)

    • Locating freshwater springs at sea (submarine groundwater discharge)

    • Distinguishing between hard rock, sand, gravel, silt, and clay

    • Gas Hydrate Exploration

    • Subsurface geotechnical site investigation for oil platforms

    • Sediment research

    • Fracture Imaging

    • Resistivity and IP studies for deep mining, oil/gas investigations


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SuperSting Wi-Fi
AGI EarthImager™ 3D Software
AGI EarthImager 2D
Comparison of FlexLite and Standard Passive Electrode Cable
SuperSting SwitchBox with the Grid Panel

Product Documents

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