SuperSting™ Manager (SSM) Android App

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Enjoy enhanced mobility, efficiency, and data-quality control of your SuperSting™ Wifi with the SSM App for Android.


You no longer need to monitor imaging surveys from the instrument in the field. The added mobility allows you to send data immediately to your processing center from the comfort of your air-conditioned vehicle—since the app works up to 100 meters away (depending on terrain and atmospheric conditions). Using Android™ tablets or phones, you can check the electrodes for contact resistance and control the SuperSting™ at the same time. Real-time data is displayed in both numerical and color plots so that you can adjust to site conditions immediately.

Download from the Google Play Store

Use Cases:

  • Control land or marine surveys remotely (up to 100 meters away)

  • Any application where the SuperSting™ Wifi can be used.

  • Move away from the instrument and still be in control of the system and data acquisition.

  • Use the app for data quality analysis (QA) and quality control (QC) in real time.

  • Review IP curves, create command files, and more in real time.

  • Backup data to cloud servers or send via email to the office from the field.

  • Use it to speed up productivity and mitigate delays by seeing errors in real time 



  • Preloaded on an Android tablet and Included with every SuperSting™ Wifi.

  • Full control of the SuperSting™ Wifi.

  • Max range of control is 100 meters depending on survey conditions.

  • Data is securely saved in both the SSM App and the SuperSting™ device.

  • Extra data storage for the SuperSting™ (dependent on Android device’s storage capacity).

  • Each data point can be reviewed and selected via the android device’s touchscreen.

  • Easily upgradable

AGI SSM App in the Google Play Store
The SuperSting Manager App Main Tablet Screen
The SuperSting Manager App Main Screen on Android Phone
The SuperSting Manager App Main Navigation Menu on Android Tablet
The SuperSting Remote Controller on Android Tablet
The SuperSting Remote Controller on Android Phone
The SuperSting Manager App File Sharing Feature
The SuperSting Manager App Marine Survey Controller

Product Documents

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