3D Heap Leach Monitoring

3D Irrigation Monitoring at a Heap Leach Copper Mine


Study was performed at a Heap Leach Copper Mining site in Chile to determine dry and saturated zones in order to improve the irrigation at the Heap Leach Copper Mining and increase the production of concentrate of Copper.  



The surveys were performed on 25th of February 2015 in Chile with AGI SuperSting™ WiFi R8 RES/IP instrument with 56 electrodes.   Five parallel 2D resistivity survey at 2m electrode spacing with 10m line spacing were performed. 



The AGI SuperSting™ R8/SIP/SP/Wi-Fi resistivity instrument with a 56 electrode SwitchBox EarthImager™ 2D and EarthImager™ 3D software were used. The five 2D parallel lines were combined at the EarthImager™ 3D software to be able to perform 3D inverse modeling.


Array type used

The Dipole-Dipole array was used to collect the 2D electrical resistivity imaging data set with using total 56 electrodes at 2m spacing. 


Obtained Results

The dry and saturated zones were successfully mapped not only vertically but also laterally. The 3D  inversion results showed successfully high resistive zones associated with poor irrigation as well low resistive zones associated with saturated zones at the Heap Leach Copper Mining Site.