SuperSting Wi-Fi


El SuperSting™ con Wi-Fi® es un instrumento de resistividad, polarización inducida (PI) y potencial espontáneo (SP) portátil con memoria de almacenamiento de datos y ciclos de medición definidos por el usuario. Proporciona los más altos niveles de precisión y de ruido más bajo de la industria.

Dos Versiones Disponibles

SuperSting R1/IP/SP Wi-Fi: versión un canal 

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1D resistivity survey

A survey where resistivity changes are resolved only in the vertical direction. In most cases, a horizontally layered earth is assumed. Vertical electrical sounding is an example of a 1D survey.


MiniSting™ R1


The MiniSting™ R1 is a high-powered, induced polarization (IP) and electrical resistivity instrument used for testing grounding grids, soil resistivity testing for corrosion protection design, and more. This single-channel tool is engineered to be the best tool for manual resistivity jobs—ease of use, low cost, and high accuracy make it ideal for low-manpower explorations and educational and training demonstrations.