All of our hardware, software, and accessories are made in-house by our team of engineers and technicians. With the input of our team of geophysicists, our instruments are designed for high accuracy and low data noise. We fine-tune all of our products to be turn-key and hassle-free. While they are easy to use, our instruments are always professional-grade.


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FREE Lifetime Upgrades For Windows Software

We’re constantly making improvements to our software. We always want our customers up to date, which is why we provide software upgrades free of charge. Our software can be quickly and easily upgraded anywhere in the world over the internet.


AGI EarthImager™ 3DCL

AGI EarthImager™ 3DCL

AGI EarthImager™ 3DCL is a three-dimensional resistivity and induced polarization (IP) inversion modeling software. It comes with the 32-bit basic version of EarthImager™ 3D along with the 64-bit 3DCL. 3DCL can access more than 2GB of memory space and carry out scalable parallel processing on a multi-core and/or multiprocessor PC. AGI Earthimager™ 3DCL is only available for PC’s running Windows.   Use Cases: EarthImager™ 3DCL is for use in geotechnical and geologic industries, including the... Learn More
AGI EarthImager™ 3D Software

AGI EarthImager™ 3D

AGI EarthImager™ 3D is a three-dimensional resistivity and induced polarization (IP) inversion modeling software. It converts electrically gathered data and converts it into a 3D rendering presented using an advanced volume display. EarthImager™ 3D is ideal for resistivity imaging—even in areas where there is a large topographic variation—without producing a noisy image. The final image can be rotated in any orientation, zoomed in and out, and translated to anywhere inside the image window in... Learn More
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AGI EarthImager™ 2D

AGI EarthImager™ 2D is a two-dimensional inversion modeling software for affordable resistivity and induced polarization (IP) imaging. It interprets data collected by the SuperSting™ Wi-Fi in just a few clicks, including parallel boreholes or on a surface line. The data set, collected using SuperSting™ Wi-Fi earth resistivity imaging instruments, is processed into a 2D cross-section of the earth. The processed data can be output to various types of files and can be processed into reports ready... Learn More
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AGI EarthImager 1D

AGI EarthImager™ 1D For VES

EarthImager™ 1D is an inversion modeling software program used to interpret one-dimensional electrical resistivity data and reveal a layered model of subsurface geology. EarthImager™ 1D can process vertical electrical sounding (VES) data collected with Schlumberger, Wenner, dipole-dipole, pole-pole, and various other arrays. Traditionally measured and modeled geologic data is presented in basic graphed charts that are neither simple nor intuitive. With EarthImager™ 1D software, you can easily... Learn More
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