All of our hardware, software, and accessories are made in-house by our team of engineers and technicians. With the input of our team of geophysicists, our instruments are designed for high accuracy and low data noise. We fine-tune all of our products to be turn-key and hassle-free. While they are easy to use, our instruments are always commercial-grade.


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Advanced Geosciences Long Cable Reel Set

Manual Sounding Cable Set - Long

These long reels of manual cable are used for vertical electrical sounding (VES) and profiling.


Advanced Geosciences Medium Cable Reel Set

Manual Sounding Cable Set - Medium

These medium-length reels of manual cable are used for vertical electrical sounding (VES) and profiling.


Advanced Geosciences Short Cable Reel Set

Manual Sounding Cable Set - Short

These short reels of manual cable are used for vertical electrical sounding (VES) and profiling.


A Pair of AGI Power Supplies

SuperSting™ AC/DC Power Supply

Power supply for the SuperSting™ Wifi system

Comparison of FlexLite and Standard Passive Electrode Cable

FlexLite Passive Electrode Cable

A lightweight, multi-conductor cables used for resistivity, self-potential, and induced polarization measurements.

SuperSting SwitchBox with the Grid Panel

AGI SwitchBox Grid®

A switchbox with a grid of electrode take-outs. Make your own electrode setup. Great for labs, boreholes, and DIY electrode cable setups.

SuperSting R8 Instrumento de Resistividad Caja Adaptadora

SuperSting™ R8 Adapter Box

Standard test box for the SuperSting™ R8. Also makes 4-probe manual measurements possible.

AGI SwitchBox

Multi Electrode Switch Box

Allows switch automation of the  electrode take-outs for the SuperSting™ Wi-Fi.

AGI Marine Borehole Cable

Marine-Borehole Passive Electrode Cable

Kevlar reinforced, multi-conductor cables with a heavy-duty outer jacket. Suitable for the harsh marine environment. Used for resistivity, induced polarization (IP) and self-potential measurements.

AGI Graphite Cable

Passive Graphite Electrode Cable

Non-corrosive graphite electrode cable designed for boat towing, underwater, harsh environments, and Marine Resistivity.

AGI PowerSting Transmitter Node

PowerSting™ Transmitter Node

Used with the PowerSting™ to inject a high-power direct current into the ground for automated high-powered induced polarization (IP) measurements.

AGI Active Electrode Cable

AGI Active Electrode Cables

Distributed  electrodes with a separate channel (U.S. Patent 6,404,203) for ultra-sensitive induced polarization (IP) measurements using external non-polarizable electrodes.

AGI Power Generator

22 kW Sting Gen Set (SGS)

Best-in-class, high-powered, industrial 3-phase, air-cooled, 22 kW generator designed exclusively for the PowerSting™.

AGI Non Polarized Electrode

Non-Polarizable Electrode

Electrically-stable, non-polarizable electrodes used for precise, sensitive low-voltage measurements.

AGI Accessory - Warning Cover

High Voltage Electrode Warning Covers

Alerts onlookers that an electrical resistivity imaging survey is in progress. Warnings in 3 languages. (English, Spanish and Chinese)

The AGI Logger

AGI Logger

This is a 300m deep borehole resistivity/IP/SP logging accessory for the SuperSting™ Wi-Fi.

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