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Is it ok to remove noisy data?

Posted by Sean on Nov 08, 2019


Here in North America, we're moving into the colder months of the year. And while some of us will brave the elements this season and do some cold-weather surveys, many of us will be indoors looking through the data we collected over the Summer.  So it’s a good time to start talking about the kind of work that's done off of the field—like data inversion. In this post, we want to discuss data filtering in particular.


Over the course of our...

AGI Blog - Is deleting bad, noisy data ok?

A look back on 30 years...

Posted by Sean on Oct 24, 2019


As you may know, we’re currently celebrating 30 years in business. And as we were looking back through the past three decades, we were struck with all of the things that have come (and gone) since we started doing business in 1989. 


From technological advancements like HTML and Wi-Fi, to cultural touchstones like Emojis and Y2K—so much has happened in 30 years. So we thought we would have some fun and put together the graphic below showing some interesting things that have...

AGI Blog - A Look Back 30 Years

AGI is Celebrating 30 Years in Business! - Video

Posted by Sean on Oct 11, 2019
AGI Blog | AGI Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence

The Gold Mining Industry is Geared to Ramp Up

Posted by Sean on Sep 23, 2019


At the time of writing this blog post, over 70% of economists are forecasting an economic recession within the next 1-3 years. This forecast is due to all sorts of geopolitical happenings right now. At this point, we’ve probably all have seen the articles on Forbes, the Washington...

AGI Blog - Gold Mining is Ramping Up

Dodging Disaster: How To Monitor Dams & Levees With Geophysical Methods

Posted by Sean on Sep 10, 2019

A quick note before we begin, this blog post is specific to earthen/embankment dams and levees. The electrical geophysical methods we mention below aren't used to monitor dams made of concrete, rubber, timber, or non-conductive materials. If you’re questioning if a geophysical survey is needed for your dam, contact us for a quick chat. Our team of geophysicists will be happy to help!


Before we discuss geophysical safety measures, let’s look at some reasons why dams and levees fail.


AGI Blog - Dam Monitoring with Geophysical Methods

What Array Is The Best?

Posted by Sean on Aug 14, 2019


We’ve gone over several electrode arrays and resistivity methods in a recent 11-part blog series. We’ve covered common arrays like Wenner, Schlumberger, Dipole-Dipole, Pole-Dipole, and Pole-Pole. We’ve also covered some uncommon array types like...

AGI Blog - What Array is The Best?

Bipole-Bipole Array: Electrical Resistivity Methods, Part 11

Posted by Sean on Jul 29, 2019



It’s been a long journey, but today we’re at the end of our 11-part series discussing Electrical Resistivity Methods. In this final discussion, we’re going to give you an overview of the Bipole-Bipole Array.  

Don’t worry though, we plan to do more long-form series like this in the future about different topics!  


And if this is your first time joining us, you’re in for a treat because we’ve also covered all of the following methods:


AGI Blog - Electrical Resistivity Methods Part 11 - The Bipole-Bipole Array

EarthImager Demonstrations with Hasan Aktarakci and Eduardo Rodrigues

Posted by Sean on Jul 23, 2019

Throughout July, our Madrid office has been hosting webinars to demonstrate the basics of EarthImager™ 1D, 2D, and 3D. Some of our customers—especially those who signed up for webinar alerts—were lucky enough to attend the free webinars. There, they could ask questions and watch the hosts use the software in real time. We shared a lot of useful information during these webinars so we don't want to keep them hidden away! Below, you can find all of the webinars—including the ones hosted in Spanish. 


And if you ever...

AGI EarthImager 1D 2D and 3D demonstration hosted by Hasan Aktarakci and Eduardo Rodrigues

Mise-A-La-Masse: Electrical Resistivity Methods, Part 10

Posted by Sean on Jul 19, 2019


Hello again, and welcome back to our 11-part series discussing electrode arrays and electrical resistivity methods. In this post, we get to brush off our high-school French with the Mise-a-la-Masse Method. 


In case this is your first time, we’ve also covered the following:

Part 1: The Wenner Array

Part 2: The Schlumberger Array


AGI Blog - Electrical Resistivity Methods: Mise-A-La-Masse

Azimuthal Method: Electrical Resistivity Methods, Part 9

Posted by Sean on Jul 08, 2019

Hello again, and welcome back to our 11-part series discussing electrode arrays. We’re deep into the non-standard electrode arrays now. This time, we’re discussing the Azimuthal Electrode Array configuration. 


In case this is your first time, we’ve also covered the following:

Part 1: The Wenner Array

Part 2: The Schlumberger Array


AGI Blog: Electrical Resistivity Methods: Azimuthal Method