AGI Suggested Reading | Part 2

AGI Suggested Reading part 2

Welcome back to our eight-part series where we’ll be recommending some further reading for those of you who want to learn more about resistivity, induced polarization, and more. Click here if you missed Part 1.


Ok, on to our second round of suggestions:


Edwards, L.S., 1977, A modified pseudosection for resistivity and induced polarization, Geophysics, 42, 1020-1036.



AGI is co-hosting a Free 1-day workshop at SIUE!

Free 1 Day workshop at SIUE

On October 25th, 2018, we'll be co-hosting a free workshop that's open to the public. This event will be held at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville in Edwardsville, Illinois. Special thanks to the SIUE Geo-Institute Student Chapter for putting this together! 

You can RSVP for this event here: RSVP for the Free 1-Day Workshop  


AGI Proudly Announces the New 3rd Generation SuperSting™ Marine System

We're beyond excited to announce our innovative new system that will change the way that you do marine surveys! With our 3rd Generation SuperSting™ Marine System, you can now perform marine surveys easier and at least 30% faster. 


These new features are custom-built to handle the specific situations that happen on the water:

  • The AGI Survey Planner

  • Route Optimization

  • Precise Guided Navigation

  • Customizable Real-Time Data Plots

How To Test For Underground Voids (Using Electrical Resistivity Imaging)

How to test for voids using Electrical Resistivity Imaging

In our previous article, The 7 Most Common Signs of Sinkholes, we went over some visual cues to spot sinkholes before total collapse. Now, let’s get a little more hands-on and show you how you can actually test for sinkholes before they occur.


Customer Spotlight: CGS | Legendary Sunken Treasure Found in China With The Help Of Electrical Resistivity Imaging!

Legendary Sunken Treasure Found in China with Electrical Resistivity Imaging

Well it’s not everyday that we get to use a headline like that—but it’s true! Last year in China, a customer of ours—China Geological Survey (CGS)—worked with The University of Electronic Science and Technology, and Laurel Technologies for an extraordinary project. The joint research team was tasked to conduct an underwater and shoreline geophysical exploration of the Shen Yin site in Jiangkou after a few artifacts were discovered by locals near the shores of a river.

How to find groundwater using Electrical Resistivity Imaging

AGI Groundwater Education Series: How to find groundwater using ERI

So often, after someone asks "What is groundwater?", the next immediete question is "How do I find groundwater?". Well today, we're teaching you the best way we know how to find groundwater—Electrical Resistivity Imaging. First things first, we have to remember where groundwater can be found. As you know from our Groundwater Education Series, an aquifer is a natural underground reservoir of water that can be used as a water source.